Developing Series of High Performance Personal Safety Protective Equipment Research and Developing the Special Composite Materials for Military Equipment
Research and Developing the Special Composite Materials for Military Equipment

1. High performance fiber reinforced composite for military equipment products

Make full use ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber of advantage like high tenacity, small density, UV resistance, corrosion resistance. And combine the advantages of high carbon fiber modulus, high tenacity glass fiber with low price and so on, successful develop low cost fiber reinforced resin matrix composite products:

① A new generation of mobile large-span multi-purpose man-machine equipment shelter,

② Foldable high tenacity composite pavement panel for emergency rapid runway repair (RRR) of military airport,

③Assembled composite pavement panel for quickly lay the taking-off and landing apron of military helicopters and UAV(unmanned aerial vehicles).

2. For needs of border defense equipment, the company develops multifunctional combined mobile bulletproof panel room. Bulletproof panel room adopts modular structure design, on-site rapid assembly, with the function of solar power generation, heat preservation, heat insulation, practical large area (36 square meters), strong bulletproof. It can effectively prevent against M80 automatic rifles and AK47 assault rifle shooting (bulletproof plate can reach standard NIJ IV according to customer requirement).

3. Make use of the advantage of high tenacity, high modulus ultra high molecular weight polyethylene fiber to combine with non-metal bullet-proof ceramic materials, the company has developed and produced all kinds of bullet-proof armor plate products, which are used in various light-weight protective equipment of vehicles.

Product technical performance meets:

Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene fiber (PEUD) laminated bulletproof board,

which can effectively meet:

Military GJB4300-2002 V-class standard

Police use GA141-2010 V-class standard

US NIJ0101.06 Level III Standard

Ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene fiber and non-metallic ceramic composite

bulletproof board can effectively meet:

Military GJB4300A-2012 Level III Standard

US NIJ0101.06 Level IV Standard