Developing Series of High Performance Personal Safety Protective Equipment Research and Developing the Special Composite Materials for Military Equipment
Research and Developing the Special Composite Materials for Military Equipment

The movable bulletproof room adopts modular on-site rapid assembly structure design. The panel room frame is made of metal material and divided into twelve parts, The panel room is made of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber laminated bulletproof panels. The floor board and cover panel are made of aluminum alloy honeycomb structure material/fiber reinforced composite board (sandwich structure composite material). The panel room power supply uses solar power generation and automatic solar energy storage design. The panel room interior can be equipped with televisions, induction cookers, refrigerators, air conditioners, computers, stereos, washing rooms, toilets, 12 single beds, office equipment, water purification equipment and other living facilities.

The product is mainly suitable for temporary use of temporary security guards, field camps, etc. It has the advantages of heat insulation, bulletproof explosion-proof, good ventilation, good living facilities, convenient transfer, and quick combination.

The main technical performance of the product:

1. Bulletproof technology performance: Can effectively prevent M80 automatic rifle and AK47 assault rifle shooting;

2. Power supply function: solar power and solar batteries (power 5 kW);

3 Moveable panel room specifications: length 12m × width 3m × height 2.6m (length can be adjusted)

4. Indoor area: 36 square meters

5. Moveable panel room assembler: 12 /8 hours on-site assembler.

6. Total weight of Moveable panel room: about 6,000 kilograms.